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Owner Surrender
Giving up your pet is a difficult decision.  First and foremost, remember that your pet depends entirely on you to do what's best for his/her future.  Please take into account that we are an OPEN ADMISSION shelter –county shelters are overwhelmed with unwanted and homeless animals. Surrendering to a shelter should be your last resort. We strive daily to keep adoptions/reclaims high and use innovative promotions to keep from having to euthanize any animal. We strive to save all healthy, treatable and those that pass behavior. However any pet surrendered to a county shelter is at risk of being euthanized. It is a challenge every day, at times every hour, so we ask for your help by trying the following before surrendering:
Can you return your dog or cat to the breeder, rescue, or person you originally got your pet from?  Breeders may help you in finding a new home, or take the pet back to rehome themselves. Many rescues also state in their contracts that the pet must be returned to them.
SPOT Society local area rescue groups
Unwanted behavior? We'd be happy to provide information about training and other solutions for your dog or cat to be successful in your home.
Victoria Stilwell: Dog Behavior Tips
If your pet was adopted at Cherokee County
Animal Shelter
Moving? There are rental houses & apartments out there that do allow pets. Be sure to allow as much time as possible to find a home that will work for your entire household.
Pitbull Is My Family
People with Pets
Zillow Pet Friendly Housing
Apartment Guide to pet friendly housing
Truilla Pet Friendly Rentals
No Time
No Time? Dog walking services & doggie daycare are great options for busy families. Just 15-20 minutes of play or mental stimulation each day with your pet is enough to help curb their energy.  Talk to our trainer about easy ways to make this a part of your pet’s daily routine.
Need Affordable Vet Services or Food?
Tight on cash? We all go through hard times. We can help you find low-cost veterinary options and we have a free pet food pantry to help families who are struggling to care for their pets financially.
Find a Doggie Daycare or Dog Walker near you
Pet Enrichment
Dog Behavior Tips
CCAS Pet Food Pantry
(county residents only)
Pet Buddies Food Pantry
Georgia Animal Project
(Spay/Neuter Clinic)
Catsnip (Spay/Neuter Clinic)
Spay Georgia (Spay/Neuter Clinic)
If you are still not successful, follow the steps below to surrender your animal
(only Cherokee County residents accepted at this shelter)
Intake Appointments
Cherokee County Animal Shelter requires intake appointments to allow our staff to collect medical history and behavioral data about each incoming pet. An appointment is required to surrender your animal; however, it is NOT a guarantee that your animal will be placed for adoption.  Each incoming animal must pass medical and behavioral testing before being considered for adoption.  **Once surrendered no further information will be given to you about this animal.
Please complete the short Owner Surrender Questionnaire (Click on a Dog or Cat below)
After submission you will receive a link to the appointment booking page.
Please also bring any veterinary information that you may have for your pet to your appointment.
               Owner Surrender Questionnaire         
Surrender Fee
There is a $25 fee for surrendering an animal. This fee helps offset the cost of feeding, housing and veterinary services for your pet while it waits to be assessed.   You will be asked to present your valid Driver’s License or State ID to release an animal. We can only accept pets from Cherokee County residents.
Animal Return Policy
Animals adopted from Cherokee County Animal Shelter can always be returned to us. We do ask for notice and time to secure space when possible.
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ReHome Service
Find a home for your pet
Pet Shots Express
(Low Cost Vet Clinic)
Pet Fund
($Help for Vet Care)
Community Vet Care
($Help for Vet Care)
Mosby Foundation
($Help for Vet Care)
Tommy's Holiday Fund
($Help for Vet Care)
Oscar's Cause
($Help for Vet Care)
Red Rover
($Help for Vet Care)
Pet Assistance Inc
($Help for Vet Care)
($Help for Vet Care)